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Cordage Industrial Rope is a privately owned rope manufacturer based in Malaysia and serve customers worldwide. Primarily involved in the manufacture of braided, twisted, plaited ropes the company also manufactures elastic ropes, tow ropes, rope products, nets, tubular braids and webbings.

With a plant capacity of over 3 million meters of braided ropes and 20tons of twisted ropes and webbings per month, Cordage Industrial Rope serves the niche markets in the industrial, technical braid and marine rope sectors. Our factory and office is located at a 40,000sq foot plant in Seremban, Malaysia and we are export to over 20 countries worldwide, namely US, Australia, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, China and New Zealand among others. 

With continues improvements projects at our production floor and Research and Product Development activities, we continue to offer innovative products and applications worldwide.  More than making ropes, we provide solutions.

A bulk of our business is as contract manufacturers for other more established rope and elastic manufacturers in Europe and US. We have agreements and associations with companies, agents, distributors and retailers all over the world and have built a reputation as a quality organization with the ability to deliver on our promises.

Cordage Industrial Rope will be a certified ISO9002.2000 company by April 2009 and are aggressively getting product certification for most of our products. We have an in-house tensile tester to test ropes and maintain quality of our products before shipping.

You are invited to look at the list of product we manufacture and please contact us for our free consultation via E-mail and let us offer you our expert opinion in what we know best, making ropes. This web site is primarily targeted at Business-to-Business relationship.


Our Capabilities & Machineries

In 2006, the company has embarked in the ISO 9001 Quality Certification Policy. Further to this all products are  stringently tested and checked in house for quality assurance.

All ropes are made to BS 4928 : 1985, rope standard.

We also have an in-house tensile testing machine of 5tons or 50kN. With this equipment ropes are tested for break-strengths, elongation, elasticity, torsion stability and stealth slippage.

  General Characteristics of Synthetic Fibres
Fibre Relative Tenacity Elongation at Creep Moisture Melting
density break resistance regain point
  kg/dm³ gf/Denier N/tex % (*) % °C
  Polyamide 1.14 7.5-10.5 0.66-0.93 14-28 2-3 4-6 220
  Polyester 1.38 7.5-10 0.66-0.88 10-18 4 <1 260
  Polypropylene 0.91 split film
0.4-0.44 8-12 2 0 170
monofil 6.0-6.5 0.53-0.57 12-18
multifil 6.0-6.5 0.53-0.57 20-24
  Polyethylene 0.95 5.5-9.0 0.49-0.79 16-24 1 0 170
 Sisal 1.38 2.0-2.5 0.18-0.22 6-12 5 100  
  Manila 1.35 2.5-3.0 0.22-0.26 6-10 5 100  
  Hemp 1.35 2.5-3.5 0.26-0.31 6-12 5 100  
Environmental Properties (without UV treatment or coating)

Fibre Environmental Sunlight
resistance resistance
  (*) (*)
  Polyamide 5 4
  Polyester 5 4-5
  Polypropylene 3 2
  Polyethylene 4-5 4
  Sisal 1 3-4
  Manila 1-2 3-4
  Hemp 1-2 3-4
  Legend 1 = poor, 5= excellent
  TENSILE TESTER - 5000kgs
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